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Project Consulting

Project Manager

A project is projecting a dream, a vision, something from our heart and soul… to make it real.

Project Development

Develop projects born from heart, realizations of dreams and visions. Develop your idea or concept, or expand your ongoing project.

Integration with existing structure, in any phase of a project or part of a project, from the inspiration to the idea, analysis, development, management, execution, coordination, supervision, evaluation, transformation.


Buisiness Development
Buisiness, Trend, Market Analysis
Internationalization & Localization
Marketing & Communications
Digital Marketing
Coordination & Management
Production & Operations
Campaigns, Networking, Lobby
Oniline / Offline Integration
Team Building & Management
Advice to Founders

Awareness / Education


Personal brand

For-profit / nonprofit

one to one / group

individuals or teams

Matteo Trivelli - Project Consulting

I am a pragmatic visionary with a natural attraction to innovations and beauty, and a wide experience in launching and managing projects, for-profit and nonprofit. Through a positive oriented approach, I combine Healing & Reconnection abilities with the skills in Marketing, Communications and as Project Manager.


I’ve been working with a wide range of professionals and clients, also in team, at different responsability levels including leadership and partnership. In web design and web marketing, small and big events, tourism products for wide and segmented markets, and startups.

Some of the publishable projects I’ve been working at are in my Linkedin profile 

Let’s talk about your project, in person or online.

Contact me for more informations, an appointment or proposals.

Global vision – Attention to detail

Global & local, strategic & operative level

Growing value and meaning of your project, in a measurable way. The essence of what your project want to achieve and your mission want to complish.

Expanding awareness, to see new opportunities and trends manifesting here and now.

Adapting decisions to goals, circumstances, and resources. Drawing and executing plans and programs… being open to change.

Enjoy the path towards success

Express and use your motivations as you attract resources.

When your project, product, or service is connected  with you, the target market and the potential customers, the progress is inesorable and at the right rythm. 

Dedicate the right quantity of time and attention while focusing on goals. The right quality obtained is unique as unique as you.

Matteo Trivelli - Healing & Reconnection

I feed my personal development at the same time that I facilitate the well-being and success of others. And dreams happen along the way…

Events & Experiences

Events for healing, personal evolution, personal development, personal growth. Experience awareness expansion, new states of consciousness, subtle interaction with nature, people and environment. Enjoy Silence Gatherings…