Matteo Trivelli - Healing & Reconnection

Hello! My name is Matteo Trivelli and today I have a mission that stands above all the others: to be always connected to my essence, to my light and to my dreams. Thus to shine.

From there it is natural and spontaneus to connect with the other’s essence, helping to shine.


From there I observe and love myself, I take care of me, and I flow through life.

From there I can be, love, do, have; and also to take conscious decisions, to help others really, to attract abundance.

Even in adversity and suffering, which is actually from there that anybody can overcome, getting the message they bring each time.


My current mission is to reconnect people to their essence and light. To help realizing their dreams and projects, on the path towards their unique Life Purpose.


My vision: reconnection with the essence of life, to shine.  For human beings’ evolution and growth, in harmony with nature and the universe. Promotion of a loveful, beautiful, sustainable life, through:

Energy healing with Reiki before, Reconnective Healing and the Personal Reconnection now. I am a Reconnective Healing Foundational Certified Practitioner and a Personal Reconnection Certified Practitioner, as taught by the founder Dr. Eric Pearl. I accompany my clients along the process, beyond the sessions. An interview where I talk about Reconnective Healing is here .

Taking care of the ingredients that make events & experiences successful and unique, as well as facilitating groups, teams, and assisting public activities to create unforgettable experiences. An interview where I talk about Posidonia Festival is here .

I am a pragmatic visionary with natural attraction to innovations and beauty, and with a wide experience in launching and managing projects. Through a positive oriented approach, I combine Healing & Reconnection abilities with the skills in Marketing, Communications and as Project Manager. My first project initiative has been Viaggiatori Senza Frontiere.

It is a great joy every time I can use this abilities, and I am always available to help.

So I feed my personal development at the same time that I facilitate the well-being and success of others. I carry out continuous exploration, study and research, which feed an holistic vision of life. The process of learning and application is continuous and evolving, and dreams happen along the way.

Contact me for more informations, an appointment or proposals.

My work base is in Porto (Portugal). I have regular stays in Spain (Majorca and other locations) and Italy (Umbria, Rome and other locations), and I am open to travel. I speak Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Matteo Trivelli - Healing & Reconnection


I really enjoy smiling and laughing, being in love with the beauty of life. My curiosity takes me to many places I wouldn’t think before…

Personal Reconnection

Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection facilitate balance, wellness, personal evolution, personal growth, awareness expansion. It is an healing process that begins in the sessions but evolves beyond them. Reconnective Healing and the Personal Reconnection improved life of many people since 1993…

Events & Experiences

Presential and online

Events for healing, personal evolution, personal development, personal growth. Experience awareness expansion, new states of consciousness, subtle interaction with nature, people and environment. Enjoy Silence Gatherings…