Matteo Trivelli - Healing & Reconnection

I really enjoy smiling and laughing, being in love with the beauty of life

I naturally perceive and interact with energy since I was a child.

When I was 20 years old I began searching something beyond ordinary life because I felt necessary to live fully, well and happy. In this period, I started to face allergic asthma that I suffered since I was 3 years old. My asthma problem was healed a few years later on my twentieth, through a process that I discovered and applied on myself. Later on I learnt about Biodescodification that has a similar approach.


It was the first of my self-healings, that changed totally my point of view about medicine, healing and the origin of illness and uneasiness. It happen within us when you heal yourself inside because therapies based only on the treatment of symptoms do not address the root causes of disease / unesiness and can’t cure you definitly.


In 2003 I discovered Reiki and I met my Master, Juerg Frei, in Mykonos island right in front of Delos (today is an uninhabited island / museum) where, according to Greek mythology, Apollo the God of light was born. Delos is an amazing place where I often used to go and practise Reiki connecting with the energy and light that is there.


I learnt Reiki following a method of Yang Loung, a Tibetan Lama (belonging to the religious community in Tibet), without initiations and levels, making it “arise” spontaneously. Later I discovered that this method is more similar to the Reconnective Healing Founder Method, by the American Dr. Eric Pearl’s, than to others western Reiki schools.


I have been practicing Reiki for many years and also I got deep in Meditation, Yoga, Biodescodification, I Ching, Nequodah, Reflexology and Thai massage.


In 2017 I began a radical transformation, in my life, that led me, among other things, to revisit all the places where I have been living. Returning to Mykonos was powerful because was there my Master taught me to teach. I will properly have begun as Master, with an evoluted teaching method, later on: after overcoming the intrinsecal limits of the traditional Reiki technique, after overcoming the role of my Masters and Mentors, and after having definetly integrated that teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin in a process that is continous and goes beyond any role.


After my return to Mykonos I began to see more powerful effects of Reiki sessions that I was giving, and witnessing frequent physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healings. I definitely realized that in this field I have a gift that I feel necessary to share. Starting my path on professional practice.

The Path

In 2018, one day, “by chance”, I discovered, through a person I was giving a motorbike ride, the frequencies of Reconnective Healing. Next day she gave me a session, and immediately I started to feel the frequencies in my hands. After reading Dr. Eric Pearl’s book “The Reconnection”, I felt the frequencies totally clear, and immediately I knew “that’s it!”, because it flows totally natural through me.


Then I had the pleasure to attend, in Madrid, the Reconnective Healing formation with the founder Dr. Eric Pearl and his partner Jillian Ferrer. There, took place my Personal Reconnection, which inmediatly accelerated my personal evolution and pushed me to deep changes. A couple of months later I also learnt, again at the official course, how to do the Personal Reconnection feeling it natural, deep and powerful from the very first time I practiced on others. I followed up the formation with one year of deep relation with my Mentor, in which we deepened and experimented on these and other related topics. The discovery of Reconnective Healing and the Personal Reconnection expanded my capacity hugely. I began to have access to new evolutionary frequencies.


My path of research took me from the ancient Tibetan tradition to the American vanguard of energy healing. So I feed my personal development and spiritual growth at the same time that I facilitate the well-being of others. I carry out continuous exploration, study and research, which feed an holistic vision of life. The process of learning and application is continuous and evolving, and dreams happen along the way.


It is a great joy every time I can use this ability, and I am always available to help.

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The Temple at the top of the Mountain

My curiosity takes me to many places I wouldn’t think before

I was born and grew up in Terni, Umbria (Italy), in 1976, from a family of simple origins who have always done the best to let their kids to study and develop in the best possible way. My passion for study and research comes from my education, it is something that I love and I will never stop training myself to reach higher levels.


The simplicity, beauty, and mysticism of Umbria (the “green heart” of Italy) have greatly influenced me, particularly in my adoration for nature.


At 19 years old, after the Classical High School, I started to travel and choose “magical” and “beautiful” places to live. Often those places seemed to call me rather than me choosing them, with a preference for islands or places near the sea. The sea is a necessary and beautiful presence since I was very young.


I have been travelling to almost all European countries and many non-European countries such as Brazil, Tunisia, Kenya, Tanzania, Cabo Verde, Thailand, India and others. Moreover I had the pleasure to have been living in Umbria, in Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, Majorca, and in small islands such as Mykonos and Formentera. From 2019 I am living in Porto.


Traveling has been one of my biggest school, it was the main way for experiencing the state of presence for a long time as well.


I attended university in Rome, graduating with honors in Communication Sciences in 2001 and obtaining the title of Master in ICT Information and Communication Technologies Management and Design for Publishing and Multimedia Communication in 2002.


All the skills that I developed in Marketing, Communications and as Project Manager, I apply them as Project Manager and led me to work in web design and web marketing, small and large events, tourism products for large and niche markets, and start-ups. My first project initiative has been Viaggiatori Senza Frontiere.


I am naturally attracted to nascent states (just as something is about to begin, for example a new movements or fallings in love).

Mykonos e Delos

From 2008 to 2018 I have been involved in the cause for Posidonia oceanica (Mediterranean seagrass), founding and then leading as director the non-profit project Posidonia Festival, International Festival of Art, Nature & Sustainable Development. That event was repeated in 18 unforgettable editions among Majorca, Formentera, Carloforte, Tavolara, Sitges, Santa Margherita Ligure. The festival contributed to obtain a great ecological awareness in all these places, and often also protecting actions such as the specific legislation to defend posidonia ecosystem approved by the Balearic Islands local Government.


Participating, and directing, international communications campaigns and events production has let me know well what it means to raise individual and collective awareness, and given the experience of working with many different organizations, public and private, small Municipalities and the European Union, local companies and multinationals, lobbies.


The dimension of the event, with or without the presence of rituals, through specific narratives and experiences in “here and now”, is one of the strongest in connecting experiences, expanding consciousness and awareness.


Since 2019 I enjoy working with Silence, organizing events and facilitating worskshops.

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Matteo Trivelli - Healing & Reconnection

I feed my personal development at the same time that I facilitate the well-being and success of others. And dreams happen along the way…

Personal Reconnection

Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection facilitate balance, wellness, personal evolution, personal growth, awareness expansion. It is an healing process that begins in the sessions but evolves beyond them. Reconnective Healing and the Personal Reconnection improved life of many people since 1993…

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